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It's no lie that we have noticed a lot of customers coming into store admiring items but having the look of uncertainty in "how do I wear this?" Or "Where would I wear this?"
So we have decided to start offering style tips on items and how to wear them multiple ways.
This will also help those who are afraid of colour and print to slowly introduce such fun and positive vibes into their lives.
All these looks below are created 100% with Destacarse items.
We styled the Rehana Pant 3 different ways to suit 3 different age groups or occasion.

Look Numero Uno
This is look is for the confident young hearts who like to show off a little skin and play with colour.
We styles the Rehana Pant with the Blush Lucia Top so the pants and accessories do the talking. 
The Bana Sunglasses details give a subtle match the pants, and to give a balanced look we paired the Gold Lets Face It Earrings and Upidi Clutch for some fun Pom Pom Action.
Remember if you're not bold on colour, simple wear non detailed sunglasses and bag for a more toned down look.
Look Numero Deux
This look is for the lady who has fun with colour but simple wants to balance colour with clothing and go hold on accessories and cover a touch more skin than look one. 
The Rehana pants here are paired with the Black Lola One piece which is all seamless so you won't see this bad boy under your pants. (Yay!) We stylised this look with the bold Pink Zoda Necklace and Blue Beaded Zoda earrings as the earrings are the same blue in the pants as well as the centre detailing of the necklace which all ties in nicely together. This look was then paired with the "Be Bold" bag as it is a neutral coloured bag with a versatile use complementing the accessories and pants with its pop of colour on the front side. 
Its really a look where people will be asking who dresses you.
Look Numero Tres 
The 3rd and final look for the Rehana pants is perfect for the more mature lady or conservative lady but still wants to have fun and feel youth in their clothes.
Rehana pant paired with the Bahia Blouse is a match made in heaven. You can tuck this stunning blouse in at the waist to create a smaller waist elision, or simple feel as comfortable as you can and wear it loose over the pants. You can do no wrong either way. We then finished this look with the natural but pattern bucket bag which you can also swing cross body for the ultimate resort vacay look. 
We we hope you enjoyed seeing a few different ways to style the Rehana pants and other items in store.
check back every few days to see the next post. 
Much love, 
Destacarse xx


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