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We've Opened!!

Posted by Amber Lynch on

On Saturday Feb 17th Destacarse Boutique excitedly opened its doors. 
Destacarse was a concept in the making for quite some time based on personal experience through Fashion, Travel and Cultural Experiences. 
After the past week of being open, we thought it'd be a perfect time to explain our concept for our customers and followers to learn who we are and what we are about. 
Destacarse is Spanish for Stand Out/To be Noticeable and this word perfectly describes what we are about. 
What we wanted to offer was a unique experience with exclusive brands in a boutique setting. 
Have you ever noticed that when you travel overseas is when you make some of the best purchases? And your style becomes a little more like yourself? more fun, colourful, self expressive? Yep, Thats what we noticed! But we didn't allow this to happen only while on holidays, and now we want to pass this on to everyone else we possibly can.
Destacarse which speaks for itself, states the obvious. This boutique is where you come to find your Staple pieces, your basics, Your pieces that offer you timelessness and versatility, but not your average plain black tank, or black pants  and fitted office skirt. Think bright, and bold, you know, to stand out. 
What you'll find in store and online is an extremely limited number of stock per piece. This allows the uniqueness to come into action. 
The brands we offer use top quality in fabrics and fabrication and exclusive prints and designs. Items that will last you a life time. 
What we want to offer is to bring women out of their shells. Out of the "Norm" that they know and create a new "Norm". We believe some get so comfortable in their chain store outfits that the pop of colour could make one anxious... but why? Why does one feel uncomfortable when wearing colour? Scared you'll be noticeable? Why should you feel like this? You should carry yourself in a manner you desire that can inspire others to do the same. 
BE BOLD!  xx


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