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Cannabella Skin Care

CANNABELLA, founded in 2017, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

To support mum and give her the best care, I devised a complete health and diet plan, to assist with her healing and help her through her treatment. Keeping everything as natural as possible.
However, the effects of the chemotherapy dried out and irritated her skin. Nothing was helping, so I decided to melt down the skin care products she was using at the time, on the stove and added hemp and botanical extracts.

I began to research all the other ingredients in her skincare and was shocked to learn about the chemical formulations and their cancer- causing side-effects. This was the last thing I looked into when she was first diagnosed. I wanted everything she had to be natural, so I started making her my own skincare, from scratch. Using my homemade recipes, she saw great success, and her skin healed and improved dramatically. - Matthew Stiegler

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