Closing Down Details

(Dont Panic, our webstore will be open until the End of February 2020)
The Story.....
I started the process of Destacarse over 2 years ago with the opening of the store in February 2018 located in Brisbane. 
My one and only goal and vision with Destacarse to achieve was to source product from small, but incredibly talented designers and to bring them to the Australian Market, and an attempt to be the first in introducing some designers to Australia.
Growing up being a conscious shopper, the cost of a quality product never phased me, even if it took 3 months, or 1 year to save for, if I knew it would last the time, I would purchase.
My admiration for designers who don't follow fast fashion trends and created collections that were so unique, ethical, sustainable and/or slow were the only companies I wanted to support and tie the Destacarse Name to. 
I wanted to build Destacarse to be a one stop destination that guaranteed quality over quantity and were the consumer could trust they were supporting small business who was supporting small business that then supported an ethical production and economy. 
To carry such product doesn't come cheap to us, and we were always fair in our pricing, and when having sales we were definitely looking way more and not coming close to breaking even, but sometimes we had no choice to enable keeping the store running. 
We live in a time where consumers want now, they want it fast, and they want it  cheap. Although sustainability is growing, the huge financial pressure that is constant from trying to fund new collection is no longer viable for me to proceed with. 
In February 2020 we will have the last collection by Celia B arrive. Whether our website will still be up and running at this stage is currently unknown. 
I have marked all pricing down, to enable to recoup a little from all that has been put into the store, and there will be no further reductions on our beautiful items.
We hope that all items are able to find their new homes and that can be passed on through the years to new homes.
And I appreciate each and every sale.
I'd like to dearly thank all the designers I worked with in the short 2 years, who supported my goal and vision.
To each and every customer, and the returning customers who kept me pushing on and afloat in this business. 
I appreciate all of you.
My heart will forever be in style and fashion, and I hope down the track I can reconnect with you all in a new fashion venture that is more sustainable and for myself also.
Please share the Destacarse site with your friends and family to enable pieces to find their new homes.