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Luxury Pet Enrichment Mat

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Our Fur Babies are the love of our lives, 

So much so, that over the years of canine domestication, we are humanising our doggies, and they are becoming reliant on us humans as the leader of their packs, that they forget the full potential of what their senses can do.


Do You

Work long hours or leave your pet at home for a few hours at a time? 

Need to tire your doggy out?

Give your doggy mental stimulation? 

Or, does your pet need to slow down when he eats? 


Look no further.

We have custom made the utmost luxury pet snuffle / enrichment mat that will withstand time, sniffing and digging. 

This mat will allow your pet to use their nose scenes in ways they didn't know they had. 

Hide kibble for your pet to have a slower feeding meal, or hide treats before you're heading out. 

A canine using his smelling scenes is so much of a mental stimulation it will naturally bring on a very restful nap afterward due to having their senses worked so intensely. 


60cm x 40cm

Perfect for 2 x little dogs to share

Or lots of fun for medium - large doggies to have on their own.


Fleece + Rubber 

Hand wash with non toxic chemicals 

Lay flat to dry